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Engaging, enabling and empowering vulnerable people to regain control of their finances


Commitment to Financial Education

Clean Slate is a not-for-profit organisation set up to provide financial education and support to hard to reach vulnerable people – originally to those battling drug and alcohol addiction. Financial difficulties can exacerbate issues for those fighting addictions and make the recovery phase more difficult. Our service was set up to provide free, confidential face to face support to help; not only ‘wipe the slate clean’, but to educate people so that they can manage their own finances effectively, and not fall back in to the same financial problems in the future.


Financial Inclusion for All

Our services have been designed to work closely with members of the community who have encountered financial difficulties due to lifestyle choices and prevent the likelihood of relapse, for example, into former drinking and substance misuse patterns, which impact on their financial position in life. Working a lot with service agencies such as Changing Lives and Crisis, as well as housing providers across the region including Derwentside Homes and Cestria, it has become apparent that much of what we offer is equally applicable to help the wider community.


A Full Range of Products

By providing guidance on a range of financial inclusion issues such as housing, budgeting, finding affordable credit, employability and training, fuel poverty and types of appropriate financial products and services, we are now engaging with more people who are facing financial difficulties.

All of our products, ranging from 1:1 support, workshops and accredited training programmes, form the foundations of financial recovery and provide the basis of financial capability. Individuals can then begin to take control of their finances into the future, and greatly improve their chances of sustaining an improved quality of life.