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We are here to help

Our core services are listed below and provide a brief summary of what is on offer. It’s not necessary to use all of them, just the ones that affect you.

We work with excellent partners in the work we do. They are working with Clean Slate because we think they can help you.

They are specialists in their field and provide the most current and accurate information.

We are very proud of the people and organisations that we do business with. You will probably recognise some of the names and their logos. Most are from the North East of England and we are proud of that too.

We can’t find a better way of saying it than that really. There are massive changes in the benefit system happening now and stretching into the future, for example you may have heard about ‘Universal Credit’ – like what’s that? We can find out what you can claim, and importantly help you claim it.

Things might change but you will notice that this website doesn’t bother much with statistics, mainly because they are mind-boggling! How can you relate to a trillion pounds? That’s the number with 12 zero’s after it. One person’s £20 fine can be as important to them as someone else’s £2K Council Tax bill is to them. We help sort out what’s what in terms of priority and what you can afford to pay back.

Often we ask people who see us where they would find £300 if they needed it in a hurry. Some say a bank – now there’s a thought! Others come up with doorstep lenders, payday loans, even loan sharks, but it’s not often anyone mentions credit unions, CDFI’s (yes I know – what?). The wrong choice can have a long standing effect on you, so we help you with a list of options and what’s involved with interest rates, APRS’s, fees, penalties and the like.

That’s a good question? Is it worth trying to find out the best deal? Aren’t the energy companies in it together? Whatever your thoughts there are many times that Clean Slate has found large, I mean big, as in £100’s of savings by switching supplier. You may think you can’t switch because of arrears but that might not be the case.

Of course how did you get in such a mess in the first place? That’s a good question really and one that’s quite reasonable to ask. Do you want it all to happen again? Much as we like you we don’t want to see you forever so a little help working out a budget of what money is coming in and out may be a good idea. For example, it might help you manage the cost of running a home. We also offer a budgeting qualification so that you can tell everyone that you know what you are doing.