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Switched On – New Project Launched

Switched On – New Project Launched

Switched On – New Project Launched

Clean Slate announces another project designed to assist tenants in making the best informed choice available to them to obtain the best deal for their gas and electricity supply.

Switched On

This innovative project has been developed as the active encouragement from both Government and consumer groups for householders to switch to ‘best energy deals’ is on the increase and at the same time, the research showing that individuals are more and more cautious about making this switch. Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in a recent report cites a range of reasons why there is a reluctance to switch energy suppliers I,e, cant be bothered, too complicated, suspiscious of deals. Ofgem report that the average saving in switching can be up to £250.00 per annum/per household.

By using individuals consumer information and accessing online, realtime websites that operate within Ofgem’s Confidence Code, we will support individuals to go through the advantages and disadvantages of the range of products available to them i.e. capped rates, fixed rates, financial penalties, cost per k/hz and tariffs. Even if an individual is taking up a new tenancy, we can assist them to make an informed choice using ‘best estimate’ calculations using size, composotion of household etc.

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